About the Blog and Creator

About the Blog

This is a blog where dyslexic students can go to have a student support system and collborate with other students who might experience the same challenges as they do. This will give any student with dyslexia a chance to express their story so they know they are not alone and are heard by others.

About the Creator

I am a middle school student who has faced many of the challenges that comes with being a dyslexic. I have faced bullying, trouble with reading, and trouble with spelling. For a long time, I believed that there was no one like me who had dyslexia. When really, there were people just like me facing the same issues. I told my story in front of my class and realized if everyone understood dyslexia, they would think twice before saying something mean and nasty to others. For this reason, this is why I have created this blog.


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